Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Small Project Sew Along

So of course you know Amanda Jean from Crazy Mom Quilts.  She's started a (low key) "Small Project Sew Along" for the month of May and I've decided to join.  I've never done a Sew Along before (deadlines = pressure and I get enough of that in my day job to commit to
any more!).  However, this one looks totally do-able and it's right up my alley.

You can read her original post about it here, but here's how it works:
  1. Compile your list of small projects you would like to complete. 
  2. Write it down in a blog post.
  3. Throughout the month, work on your projects, as time allows. 
  4. As you complete a project, blog about it, cross it off your list and do a little cheer. :)
  5. Share your photos in the quilting with crazy mom flickr group. Make sure to link to the source of your pattern/tutorial/inspiration if you used one. 

I've already got #1 done via multiple post-it notes stuck all over my sewing space and my home office.  I'm a little afraid to put them all in one spot because I know it will be intimidatingly long, but it is step #2, so here goes:

  1. Complete H2H quilt (just needs binding)
  2. Complete Laura's quilt (just needs binding)
  3. Make pillow to match Laura's quilt 
  4. Finish quilt for Sujay (flimsy is complete)
  5. Make 3 small memory (t-shirt) wall hangings (1 done, 2 not started)
  6. Make 3 small memory (t-shirt) Mickey pillows
  7. Make a green mug rug in time for Mother's Day
  8. Make a pink mug rug just because I want to
  9. Finish April Seasonal Skinny (flimsy is complete)
  10. Complete 2 ladybug Seasonal Skinnies for May
  11. Cut fabric for summer hexie project
  12. Make a portable sewing kit / bag / holder / something-or-other 
  13. Start (and finish) embroidery for "The Forever Project"
  14. Complete "Om" block for "The Forever Project"
  15. Make or find a simple pattern for a tote / beach bag
  16. Make a year-end gift for my kindergartener's teacher
  17. Make a year-end gift for my 3rd grader's teacher
  18. Make a birthday gift for kindergartener's BFF
  19. Make a "surprise" for my 11 running partners + myself

There's more, I know there's more.... I'm missing a blue post-it note.... 

I'm anxious to get started on #3 (working on projects - as time allows, of course), so I'll add my blue post-it note list if I find it.  Because, ya know, 19 small projects isn't enough for one month when you have two small kids and a 50 hour/week job outside the home.  ;-)

Are you planning to join?  I'd love to see what you're working on!  (And hopefully, not add *too* many more things to my list as I become inspired by your list!)

~*~ May your day be full of Love and Ladybug Hugs ~*~


  1. LOL!! Wow Kat! You've got an enormous list there - best of luck in finishing them all!! Seriously, if I had a list that long, I would be lucky to finish even a 1/4!!! Looking forward to seeing what you achieve this month!!!

    1. I will *never* finish all of these in one month. And worse yet, I found the missing post-it note with the rest of the list. Only 3 more projects, but still, 22 in one month? Ha! Oh well... nothing makes me happier than crossing things off a list, so hopefully that will motivate me. My goal is to finish at least half. Fingers crossed!


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