Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Forever Project - Part 1

I am a very bad friend.  Well, not usually, but in this specific instance.  I am a bad friend to Shaun.

Over a year ago (yeesh, a year?!?), I offered to make him a t-shirt quilt.  He is a huge music fan and over the years has amassed a huge collection of band and concert t-shirts.  Some were too small, some were getting too worn out, but all were special and deserved a place of honor.  

He sent me his box of t-shirts (I'd guess 25+ of them) in April 2011.  Yes, FOREVER ago.  I promptly ironed fusible onto the back of each design and cut it out.  Some are big, some are small, and no two are the same size.  His one request was that this didn't end up looking like a giant checkerboard, so I cut the blocks according to the size of the design.  You'll see the giant pile of blocks at the bottom of this photo.

I'm afraid to count how many there are, but when I lay them all out next to each other, they completely cover the top of my king size bed.

After cutting the blocks, I realized I had absolutely *no* assembly plan in place.  I put the blocks in a bag and moved on to the next project.  Then the next.  Then the next.  Then.... well, you get the point.

How long will it take me to finish this quilt?  Quite possibly FOREVER.  I want to.  I *really* want to.  And I have some ideas... I'm just afraid to dive in.

To show Shaun that I haven't forgotten about him completely, I did add two smaller projects (related to this quilt) to my May Small Project Sew Along list, and I'm happy to say that I have finally completed them.  Woo Hoo!!!

First, I embroidered a few quotes he asked me to include in the quilt

I don't know what that black mark is before the "S" but I need to get rid of it!

Should have cropped this picture.  Whoops!

Second, I made an appliqued Buddhist "Om" symbol that will go into the mix:

Next?  Not a clue.  I think it's time to put on my big girl pants, dive in a little deeper, come up with a plan and actually DO something with this.  Sometime before FOREVER actually arrives.

Any ideas???  


Here's my current list for the May Small Project Sew Along:

Completed items:
1. Complete H2H quilt - link here
2. Complete Laura's quilt - link here

3. Make pillow to match Laura's quilt - link here
5. Make 3 small memory (t-shirt) wall hangings (1 done, 2 not started) - link here
6. Make 3 small memory (t-shirt) Mickey pillows - link here
7. Make a green mug rug in time for Mother's Day  - link here
9. Finish April Seasonal Skinny (flimsy is complete) - link here
10. Complete 2 ladybug Seasonal Skinnies for May - link here
12. Make a portable sewing kit / bag / holder / something-or-other link here
13. Start (and finish) embroidery for "The Forever Project" - DONE!
14. Complete "Om" block for "The Forever Project" - DONE!
18. Make a birthday gift for kindergartener's BFF - link here

Not started or in progress:
4. Finish quilt for Sujay (flimsy is complete)
8. Make a pink mug rug just because I want to
11. Cut fabric for summer hexie project
15. Make or find a simple pattern for a tote / beach bag
16. Make a year-end gift for my kindergartener's teacher
17. Make a year-end gift for my 3rd grader's teacher
19. Make a "surprise" for my 11 running partners + myself
20. Make an Unruly letters pillow for Kim
21. Update my running scrapbook (no sewing involved!)
22. Figure out a plan of attack for the "Unless" quilt


Edit: Linking up with WIP Wednesday over at Freshly Pieced.

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  1. I have no suggestions for you on that t-shirt quilt...I just know I'll be in the same boat. I'm collecting my son's summer camp t-shirts to make a quilt out of, and I already wonder how it will all come together.

    Good luck!

    1. My biggest piece of advice is - if possible - to cut your squares to be all the same size. Or, put a border around the smaller ones and then cut those to be all the same size. It's really hard to piece them all together otherwise. Having that fusible on the back is key, though, make sure to put that on and THEN cut the block. Otherwise those edges curl and become impossible. Good luck!!


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