Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Better than a finish (but I have a finish, too!)

I have been traveling a lot (unexpectedly) for work, so sewing has taken a back seat... but the one finish I have (and a funny story to go with it), is COMPLETELY trumped by my sister's finish for this week....

Meet my new little nephew, Liam Christopher
Born Tuesday, May 7 (his daddy's birthday!!) @ 2:19pm Eastern
23 days early but still a healthy 6 pounds, 6 ounces
Mommy (my little sister) and Baby Liam are both doing great!
I can't wait to see pictures of him in his nursery, wrapped in the monkey quilt I made him!!

Now the one finish (or set of finishes) I have is a set of pillow covers for my friend Phoenix, who lives in Phoenix.  When I was there (for work) in April, I got to see her house and decide what colors to make (she has been undecided for a year!).  I got them completed and in the mail last Monday, and this was the picture I planned to show you in this post:

Pillow covers (with hidden zippers on the bottom) for two 24" pillows and two 18" pillows.  (She already had the naked pillow forms.)  I decided to buy two 12" forms and make those for her, too.  They're more burgundy than red, with cocoa brown, black and beige.  The 18" pillows are cocoa on one side and beige on the other.

Like I said, they went in the mail last Monday and were scheduled to arrive in Phoenix on Wednesday or Thursday.  On Wednesday morning, my boss called to ask if I could get on a plane (to Phoenix!)  THAT AFTERNOON for a meeting on Thursday.  As dumb luck would have it, *I* got to Phoenix before the pillow covers did!!  It sure was nice to see them in person, though, and take pictures of them on her couch!

You can see a mug rug I made her a while back on the ottoman.

I came home from Phoenix on Friday (yes, 10 hours of flying on 5 hours notice for 11 hours of meetings).  Now I've been home a whole 4 days.... and just found out I'm probably flying back there on Monday.  Maybe I should just leave my sewing machine at my friend's house.... it's not like I have time to use it here in Florida!

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