Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The Blue Post-it Note

The good news is that I found the missing blue post-it note.  You know, the one with the rest of my project wish list on it.

The bad news is that I found the missing blue post-it note.  You know, the one with the rest of my project wish list on it.

Are you joining in to Amanda Jean's (low key) Small Project Sew Along?  I posted about it yesterday, or you can read the details on her blog here.

I'm adding the 3 projects from my blue post-it note to my list, even though I know that at least one of them has ZERO chance of happening this month.  Oh well.... I like to have my list all in one place.  Gets me motivated to start crossing things off!

I haven't actually sewn anything yet, but I did make a teeny bit of progress toward a few of these.

1. Complete H2H quilt (just needs binding) -- Selected the fabric for the binding.  I think.  On second thought, maybe not.  I'm Fabric Fasting this year so I'm relying on stash.  For some reason, I have 3 yards of a yellow solid in my stash (must have been on sale?), but it matches well to the small yellow blocks in this quilt.  I'm not sold, though.  Thoughts?  Would you use this yellow or look for something else?  I'm thinking pink would be nice, but the back is mostly pink.... so not sure.

2. Complete Laura's quilt (just needs binding) -- Found stash fabric for this binding, too.  It's not an exact match to the purple in the quilt, but it's pretty darn close.  Pretty sure no one but me will notice.

3. Make pillow to match Laura's quilt 
4. Finish quilt for Sujay (flimsy is complete)
5. Make 3 small memory (t-shirt) wall hangings (1 done, 2 not started)
6. Make 3 small memory (t-shirt) Mickey pillows

7. Make a green mug rug in time for Mother's Day -- I adore green (and purple, and pink, and...) but it is such a tough color to match.  I purchased a green coffee mug (Walmart, $1.50, can't beat it!) with the intent of using it in a small gift basket with a mug rug, some home made scones and some gourmet tea or coffee.  When I started to choose fabrics, though, I found that not much looked good with this shade of green.  I did find these 2 solid greens, plus a ladybug print, which I used (with pinks and purples) in a baby quilt.  I think they'll do the trick!  Now to decide how I'll put these together.  This is for a grown-up so I don't want it to SCREAM "ladybugs," so I'll have to give that some thought. 

8.   Make a pink mug rug just because I want to
9.   Finish April Seasonal Skinny (flimsy is complete)
10. Complete 2 ladybug Seasonal Skinnies for May
11. Cut fabric for summer hexie project
12. Make a portable sewing kit / bag / holder / something-or-other 
13. Start (and finish) embroidery for "The Forever Project"
14. Complete "Om" block for "The Forever Project"
15. Make or find a simple pattern for a tote / beach bag
16. Make a year-end gift for my kindergartener's teacher
17. Make a year-end gift for my 3rd grader's teacher
18. Make a birthday gift for kindergartener's BFF
19. Make a "surprise" for my 11 running partners + myself
20. NEW (via the blue post-it note): Make an Unruly letters pillow for Kim
21. NEW (via the blue post-it note): Update my running scrapbook (no sewing involved!)
22. NEW (via the blue post-it note): Figure out a plan of attack for the "Unless" quilt

Are you participating in the Small Project Sew Along?  If so, please leave me a comment so I can take a peek at your list, too!

~*~ May your day be full of Love and Ladybug Hugs ~*~


  1. That is quite a list. It's fun to work on things though and cross them off, isn't it?

    Joining you in this fun sew-along.

    1. Sometimes I write completed things on my list, just so I can immediately cross them off. There must be a 12-step program....

      Looking forward to sewing-along with you this month!


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