Monday, May 7, 2012

Laura's Birthday Blanket & Pillow

Few things make me happier than crossing something off my to-do list.  Today, I get to cross off two things!

I originally posted about this quilt here, and it is on my May Small Project Sew Along List.  This quilt will be a birthday gift for a friend of the family.  She turns five in August so I am way ahead of schedule on this one!  

The flimsy for this quilt has been complete and hanging over my banister for at least two (probably three) years.  I don't remember why I chose this pattern and it seemed so simplistic to me that I had little desire to finish it... until my daughters asked if they could use it to make a fort.  That motivated me to get it sandwiched and pin basted... then there it hung again for at least another 6 months. 

I've recently begun experimenting with FMQ so I thought this would make a great practice quilt.  Turns out, the FMQ adds just the missing touch.  It went from an "OK" quilt to a "really super cute quilt."

I have a lot of work to do on my FMQ designs, but this quilt made me much more comfortable with the basic technique.  I tried some loopies in the purple borders and some hearts in the center squares, but my pink areas still look like tentacles to me.

I had some fabric left so I made a pillow to go with this.  It has an envelope closure in the back so the cover can be removed for washing.  (Forgot to take a picture of the back, but it's not really all that exciting anyway.)

This last photo makes the pillow look way too big for the quilt... but my (almost) 6 year old tested them out and I think they'll be the perfect size for our little 5-year-old friend.

Here's my updated list for the May Small Project Sew Along:

1. Complete H2H quilt - link here
2. Complete Laura's quilt - Done
3. Make pillow to match Laura's quilt - Done
4. Finish quilt for Sujay (flimsy is complete)
5. Make 3 small memory (t-shirt) wall hangings (1 done, 2 not started)
6. Make 3 small memory (t-shirt) Mickey pillows
7. Make a green mug rug in time for Mother's Day  
8. Make a pink mug rug just because I want to
9. Finish April Seasonal Skinny (flimsy is complete)
10. Complete 2 ladybug Seasonal Skinnies for May
11. Cut fabric for summer hexie project
12. Make a portable sewing kit / bag / holder / something-or-other - link here
13. Start (and finish) embroidery for "The Forever Project"
14. Complete "Om" block for "The Forever Project"
15. Make or find a simple pattern for a tote / beach bag
16. Make a year-end gift for my kindergartener's teacher
17. Make a year-end gift for my 3rd grader's teacher
18. Make a birthday gift for kindergartener's BFF
19. Make a "surprise" for my 11 running partners + myself
20. Make an Unruly letters pillow for Kim
21. Update my running scrapbook (no sewing involved!)
22. Figure out a plan of attack for the "Unless" quilt

~*~ May your day be full of Love and Ladybug Hugs ~*~


  1. It turned out beautifully :D
    Simple quilt patterns allow the fabrics to be the stars.

  2. Kat, you are right........the FMQ was the perfect touch for this quilt! I love how you quilted Laura's name also. Well done.

    1. I was really happy with how the "Laura" came out. And what a difference FMQ makes. I always used stitch-in-the-ditch before and I'll never go back!

  3. Love the hearts in the middle of the squares, what a great touch. Love the FMQ, beautiful.

    1. Thanks, Sue! I think hearts are always perfect for little girls :-)


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