Monday, March 25, 2013

Monkey See, Monkey Done!

Tomorrow morning my daughters and I leave for a week in Upstate New York to visit my parents, brother and sister.  (Yes, I'm the nut who leaves 80 degree South Florida to go to 30 degree Upstate New York for spring break.  *sigh*)

Saturday will be my sister's baby shower and I finished Baby Boy's quilt this weekend.  I am **SOOO** happy with how it turned out!

Here are some close-ups of those little monkeys, who all match the decal on the wall of her nursery.

I also made a diaper stacker with a monkey on it (using this tutorial).  The green matches the window valances and crib skirt I already made her (and also used for the leaves on her quilt). The polka dots are sprinkled in to all the different items I've made her.  In hindsight, I wish I had made that monkey face a little bit smaller, but oh well!

I also made her a Boppy (nursing pillow) cover -- it's blue on the back -- and a small pillow to put on her glider.  I remember how many hours I spent in my glider as a new mom, so a little lower back support will be nice for her as she rocks her new precious baby boy to sleep.

As a completely random side note.... it was VERY hard not to write Baby Boy's name as I wrote this post.  My sister and her husband have picked a name but they're keeping it a secret (well, not from me, LOL).  I think that's a really wise move, as my 2nd daughter's name changed during my pregnancy because everyone had an opinion.  We needed a "J" name and my husband and I both loved Jaelyn / Jaylyn, but couldn't agree on the spelling (I liked it with an "e" and he liked it with a "y") so we changed it to "Jessica."  It was the right move (she's definitely a "Jessie") but sooooo many people had very strong (and loud) opinions on Jaelyn.... I swore if I ever had another one (which I do NOT plan to do, thank you very much), the name would remain top secret until he/she was born and it was too late to argue :-).

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  1. Kat the quilt is gorgeous,the little monkey is just cute.I love the dieper sack too(we call them nappys).
    Well done on getting them all ready for the weekend,you must be superwoman.xx

  2. The gifts are just lovely. The monkey quilt turned out so cute as did the diaper stacker.

    You are right. Our first boy was going to be a David until we had too many opinions. Even keeping the next ones secret did not change some people from voicing opinions.

    Have a safe trip!

  3. Kat, how lucky your nephew is to have such a talented auntie! This is such a sweet quilt and I know your sister will appreciate it; what a keepsake, XOXO

  4. You did a fantastic job, but I knew you would! I went to school with a girl named Jaelyn (I think that's the way she spelled it). Have a wonderful time visiting your family in cold will be having such a good time you won't even care about the weather!

  5. Kat, you are so far ahead with your sewing, love the monkeys, super size. Not too big at all. Enjoy the trip, warm to cold, never mind, it will seem all the warmer when you get back home. p.s. love the green with the brown faces, perfect colour and material choices. Greetings from Jean

  6. what a beautiful set for the little boy. so so SOOO cute!

  7. Oh my, I need to get up to date with my favorite blogs more often - Kat all of those beautiful things you made for your sister - amazing!! There's no way you could have bought anything as lovely as that in a shop - and they are unique to boot! Have fun at the baby shower and I want to hear what her reaction is when you give these to her.


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