Thursday, March 7, 2013

100th Post -- Giveaway and Finishes

Yesterday was my one year Blogiversary.  How did I miss that??  This is also my 100th post so as seems to be the tradition on the quilting / sewing / crafting blogs I read, I'm going to do a giveaway.  Actual, two giveaways -- one to celebrate my blogiversary and one for my 100th post.  The prizes are the same for each and details are at the bottom of this post... but you'll have to read about (or at least scroll past) my finishes first :-).

I finished two quilts this week, both of which use a pattern I made up.  I talked about them here, as well.  They will be sent off to my friend Luanne, who -- along with her team "Udderly Pink" --  is gearing up for the Susan G Komen 3-day (60 mile) walk in October (Luanne's 5th one!), to raise awareness of and funding for breast cancer research.  I'm hoping her team will be able to raise some money towards their $15,000 goal with these quilt and a few other goodies I'll be making for her.

This quilt is "cuddle size" and measures approx 42" x 58" before washing.

I really wanted "HOPE" to stand out, so I did a tight stipple on the dark pink and did not FMQ the letters.  I just never get tired of seeing how nicely washing/drying a quilt with cotton batting will "crinkle" it up!

One of the pink fabrics has awareness ribbons on it and another has words like "faith, hope, charity, love."

The back is one solid piece of fabric -- a tone on tone light pink print.  I hadn't planned to take a photo of that but since the wind was blowing, I ended up with one anyway.

I'm hoping I can use this pattern to help raise some additional funds for Luanne's team. This is a simple pattern, which is great for all skill levels and comes together quickly.  While that might be an incentive for some people, I know others (myself included) who would think, "I don't need to buy that, I can figure it out on my own."  So.... to incent those people to consider this pattern, I wanted to include a second size / version.  I did the math twice so you don't have to!  More details soon on how you can support Susan G Komen / Team Udderly Pink and receive a copy of this pattern in return.

This one measures 45" x 50" --- great size for a child, lap quilt or a wheelchair quilt.

I can't use ladybug fabric and *not* take a close-up photo!  
This one is backed with a light lime green flannel, to make is soft and cuddly.

I will be sending both of these quilt to Luanne, as well as this little zippered pouch I made with the help of my new embroidery machine.

Isn't this a pretty design?

I lined the inside with an awareness ribbon print.
The bag took about 30 minutes to assemble, once the embroidery was complete.

I'll also be sending Luanne this cute Vera Bradley wristlet, which is from the breast cancer awareness line.  Is opens up to store credit cards and money.

Now, what I"m sure you've all been waiting for.... the giveaway!!!  I will be giving away two prizes.  Each will include a machine needle cushion and a copy of the pattern I made for the quilts pictured above.  The pattern is a PDF file which I will email, and the needle cushion will arrive via snail mail.  I will ship anywhere in the world!

Sorry for the dark photo -- hopefully you can see that the sections of this needle cushion are labeled various machine needle sizes.  That way, if you change your needle, you can just poke it into the right section and don't have to remember which was the 100/16 or the 90/14 and so on.  Each size / section also has a row for needles used 1-4 hours, 4-8 hours, etc.  If you don't already know this (and you probably do!), the needle size and age/sharpness makes a HUGE difference in your finished product.

How to enter the giveaway:

  1. Think of a small project (does not have to be your own idea, can be something you've seen elsewhere) that can be made fairly quickly (under 1 hour at the most, but quicker is better!), that would make a good raffle / auction prize for the fundraiser my friend Luanne is doing.  I'm hoping to make her more items to use at her fundraising events, but quilts take a lot of time and limits the number of items I can produce for her.
  2. Leave a separate comment for each idea you have.  One comment = one entry.  There is no limit on how many ideas / comments you can leave.  If you have a link to a favorite idea / tutorial / example, I'd love to see them!
  3. You do not have to be a follower of my blog and being a follower does not increase your chances of winning.  (Note: I would *love* for you to be a follower of my blog.... but do so because / if you want to.... not because it'll help you win a prize.  If you like what you see here, please follow!  If you don't, that's OK, too.... you can still share your ideas and be entered to win.)
  4. I will use Mr. Random ( to select a winner at 9am Eastern time on Monday, March 11.  Winners will be notified by email and I will post them on my blog later that day.

If you have any questions, please let me know!

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Thanks for stopping by!
~ Kat ~


  1. Congratulations on your 100th post, you chatty little thing! LOL....How about making some tote bags? Depending on the pattern it can be made quickly or like the one I made for our Pink for the Cure campaign...can take a little longer...thanks for the giveaway. Love the sewing machine needle holder...what a great idea!

  2. I have just made some fabric "boxes" stiffened with iron on interfacing. These are exactly the right height to hold short knitting needles, on each needle I have 2 reels of thread and 4 matching wound bobbins. I capped them off with some garden cane toppers that I found in the garden center.I cut 5 out at a time and production line sewed. All in one afternoon with a few coffee breaks and a dog walk.

  3. The quilts are both gorgeous as usual.
    Place mats and pot holders,I've made both this week,6 placemats and two pot holders.
    Very quick to whip up.
    Laura xx

  4. Congrats on 100 posts! I suggest a zipper pouch , fabric hair accessories like hair clip, hair band, and maybe a rug (handmade)
    I'm a follower too..

  5. Since I am obviously already a winner with all these projects, this is not an entry (not that I would know what to do with that pincushion, anyway). But I just had to say THANK YOU for all of these absolutely wonderful and beautiful things!! Now, to figure out how to get the rest of the Udderly Pink team from getting into a fist-slinging brawl over who's going to be the high bidder on the zipper pouch ...


  6. Ok, per your is the second about making some hot iron totes like I made for the Nancy Drew Blog Hop on my Blog Wednesday?? You can get the link to the tutorial on my post!

  7. Fabric post cards. You can make them up quite quickly and they are super awesome. I think people will like them because they are unusual, awesomely fun and you can send them to a friend who will hang them on their billboard or wall or somewhere.

  8. I have tried to get my daughter to make me this cute dragon but to no avail. I would buy it or bid on it in a raffle. I am a dragon in the chinese horoscope.

  9. I won one of these little house decorations. They are super cute. They could be made Easter themed, or Halloween themed etc.

  10. Congratulations on your blogiversary and 100th post. I need to check and see if I've reached mine. LOL Mugrugs, cup organizers are a couple of items I can thing of that could be raffled off.

  11. Happy blogaversary. Your projects are just wonderful. How about a i-pad or reader cover? Those go up quickly and would be great for adding some cute embroidery too.

  12. Congraulations on your bloggaversary! Quilted camera strap covers are quick and easy to make, and don't take a lot of fabric.

  13. Visiting from crazy mum quilts. I love that you are quilting to help others and the embroidery on the pouch is amazing

  14. happy blogaversary! how about some pillow slips?
    I love the hope quilt!

  15. This comment has been removed by the author.

  16. Luggage tags! The cuter, the better!

  17. Travel jewelry pouches! See this one (link to Sew4Home's tutorial on it, too)

  18. Travel shoe bags! Can't have too many!

  19. Travel laundry bags (to keep dirty things from touching your clean things). Basically an over-sized "shoe bag." Can you tell I travel a lot? :)

  20. Hi Kathy!
    Two finished quilts, a bracelet and a lovely purse! Great job!
    Your hope quilt is really gorgeous!
    And here's my first proposal for fundraising:
    Easy pillow cases - not quilty - with sergered seams and an envelope closing.

  21. Easy (one fabric or simple piecing) placemats or mug rugs.

  22. Kat, the quilts are just amazing, but then, everything you make is! Congratulations on your 100th Post; I love milestones, it speaks of who we are, XOXO

  23. Hello Ms. Kat. Congrats on your blogiversary and your 100th posting.

    I would think little credit card wallets/gift card holder would make for a nice little project that could be stashed in a jean pocket. I love mine as I don't carry a purse!!

    Thank you the chance to win.


  24. Ohhh Ms. Kat I just had a thought.

    How about mini sewing kits? I love to keep one tucked in car for emergency. It's prefect for the glovebox and purse.

    Thank You for the chance to win.


  25. I think placemats with matching napkins are quick projects.


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