Friday, March 1, 2013

Flimsies & A Finish

On Wednesday I showed you a block that said "HOPE."  I'm happy to say the rest of that quilt top is complete.  This is a pattern I made up myself, after being inspired by a quilt pictured in a Joann Fabrics advertisement last fall.  The flyer was advertising fabric (not a pattern) and I saved it for a long time, hoping to use it as a guide.  Of course, when the time came to make the quilt, I couldn't find it anymore.

This top measures approximately 42" x 58" -- the perfect lap / cuddle size.  It came together in about 2 hours, plus the time it took to applique on the letters.  It used 4 pink fat quarters + 1.25 yards of white. 

I also made a smaller version, which measures approximately 42" x 50".  This one uses 3 fat quarters + 1 yard of the background (yellow) fabric and came together in under 90 minutes.  (The rectangles are straight on both of these... it's my photography that is crooked!)

Once completed, these will both be donated to a silent auction, which will raise money for my friend Luanne's Susan G Komen 3-Day (60 mile) walk, which is taking place in Washington, DC in October.  I'm also hoping to sell the pattern, with 100% of the sale price being donated to her team.  Their team's goal is to raise $15,000 in donations prior to the race.

I know everyone comes here for the quilts, but I still want to share the *BEST* finish of the week.... my crossing the finish line of my first ever half marathon!!  It was the Disney (World) Princess Half, held last weekend.  

Pre-race.  I'm in the green skirt.  My friend Luanne (mentioned above) is top left (pink shirt).

Here I am crossing that finish line.  The second "O" is across my nose.

Post-race with my friend Carolyn, who I run with on the weekends.  I may or may not be leaning on her in order to remain upright.  (That's a tattoo on my cheek, not a battle wound.)

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  1. Great quilts as usual.
    Big clap for your race finish,well done.
    Love Laura xx

  2. Congratulations on finishing your 1/2 marathon! That's a real accomplishment.

  3. OH MY GOODNESS!! I AM SO EXCITED!!! By the way, I was also impressed to see that your tutu made it through the whole race! I figured it would fall by the wayside, with your speed!! So glad you had a great time! Now to get back to work on my part of that bargain ...

  4. Love your says to me that we support each other....women supporting women....survivors supporting each other.....people all together standing tall in Hope to beat that hateful disease......

  5. What a beautiful word--Hope! I had it up to the day Kelly passed away and have regained it with your help. Love the costume; you make a lovely Ariel, XOXO

  6. I seriously LOVE the Hope Quilt. Made my day. Congrats on the race finish in such high fashion :)

  7. You did the Disney Half!!! How cool!! And congratulations for that finish. :D

  8. congrats on your first half marathon! and the quilts look great, too :)


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