Friday, April 5, 2013

Lots of Travel = Little Sewing Time

My daughters and I had a great visit to Upstate New York last week for their spring break.  We got to spend time with family and friends and threw my sister a beautiful baby shower.  (Photos below)

I've only been back 4 days and on Sunday, I leave for a business trip to Phoenix (again) for a week.  Unfortunately, my sewing machine doesn't travel with me so there probably won't be much to share here for a little bit longer.

I did, however, manage to put together (this week) some birthday gifts for my little nephews, who turned 4 and 6 in March.  Their party is this weekend.  They'll each be getting a little backpack with a personalized towel, plastic tumbler and bottle of bubbles (and a gift card, not shown).

Derek (aka: D-Man) just turned 6.

Aaron (aka: A-Bomb) just turned 4.

Here are the bags (which double as gift bags!) all filled up and ready for a trip to the pool.
They look a lot better in person but it's raining today so I had to take the photos inside.

Though it's not her birthday, I also made a towel for my little niece, Megan, who is 1.

Now I have to figure out a hand sewing project to take to Phoenix with me.  I think it'll be this hexagon project, which I started last year and intended to be a quilt.  When I found out my sister was having a boy I stopped working on it and honestly, I'm not sure I'll ever finish this to a full (even baby sized) quilt.  Any suggestions for what these 1" hexies should become?  Here's one layout I was playing with, but I have (literally) hundreds more fabric hexies cut out and ready to assemble.

And now, a few photos from my trip last week:

Sarah opening her monkey quilt at the shower (with help from my daughter, Rachel).

The precious little boy who will sleep under that quilt.  I'm in love!
So happy I got to be there in person when this ultrasound photo was taken!!

My sister and I.  At 5'6", I'm the "really tall" one, LOL.
I'm not sure why we're both leaning so much... I think I was afraid to bump her belly :-).

With my baby brother at his restaurant (he's the Executive Chef) after the shower.
Jessica and Rachel adore their Uncle Chris!!

And this is what I did after the shower and after dinner.  It was a good day :-).

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  1. What nice pictures! I'll bet she loved the quilt.

    The hexies are gorgeous. I love the colors.

  2. Lovely pictures,great to spend time with your family.
    Great bags and towels,the boys will love them.Have a lovely weekend.
    Laura xx

  3. Super bags, and then... the ultrasound!!! what a great time with family, and now back where it is warm. Lovely sewing . Hexies, very fine handwork there, I'm sure you will use them in a special project. Cheers from Jean

  4. Such a happy moment and I know your sister was pleased with that beautiful quilt. You're really becoming an expert on that embroidery machine, XOXO

  5. Sweet projects for the kiddos! And I think I recognize those hexies from a mug rug you made awhile back,no? Have a good trip to Phoenix...and pass the wine...I just got off work and need some of that "Relax"

  6. Wow you've been very busy! Phoenix - no sewing, but are there any fabric shops? Just thinking..
    I love the gifts you have made - so much time and thought going in to each one - that is absolutely what a gift should be.
    Hexies! They're really not ideal for speedy sewing, definitely more of a long term venture. Have you checked out flickr for hexie ideas? Pillows, bag decoration, or even make six segment designs to applique on to a larger quilt square?


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