Thursday, March 14, 2013

This & That

I finally finished up the last project for my first box of donation items to Udderly Pink, a set of two kitchen towels.  (Come back tomorrow to see how you can help support them, too!)

I got those in the mail yesterday, along with the 2 needle cushions for my 1 Year Blogiversary and 100th Post giveaway winners.  Also in the mail are these 3 table runners, for my friend Adrienne in Phoenix.

The striped runners are for her bedroom --- dresser and nightstand.

The paisley runner is for the TV stand in her living room.

Adrienne picked these fabrics when I visited her in Phoenix in January.

Now that those small projects are done, I have moved on to the quilt I'm making my sister for her new baby's nursery.  The shower is on the 30th and I just started this yesterday.  Whoops!  After the quilt, I still need to make a diaper stacker, a boppy cover, a car seat tent (quilt) and hopefully a few other items.  I've got a lot of work to do!!

She really loved this quilt, but the colors weren't quite right.  So, I made a quilt top with her nursery colors / fabrics and started adding monkeys to match the ones on her nursery wall. 

The background (squares/rectangles) part of the quilt took less than 45 minutes.
Cutting out those monkeys took about 45 hours!

I've appliqued down the 2 tree branches and 1 monkey tail so far.  Once the monkey outlines are complete, I'll add the faces, bellies, ears and some green leaves.  Oh, and a banana :-).

Here's the nursery wall again.... The monkeys on the quilt will match the 3 monkeys on the right side of the window.

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  1. The towels are wonderful as are your runners.

    I LOVE that monkey decor. The quilt will make a perfect addition to it. Are the wall monkeys decals or did someone paint those on the wall - spectacular!!!

  2. Wow! I wish I had your energy:-D The towels are just perfect and the quilt you're doing for your nephew is adorable. XOXO

  3. Love everything. You are busy,and you work,how do you do

  4. You are such a good sister!! And a good aunt! And a good friend! And a good quilter! And a good mommy! And a good wifey! And a good workplace worker! And a good daughter! And a good runner! And a good worker-outer! And while we're at it ...a good everything else!!!

  5. You are so talented, my friend....your one of a kind items will be treasured by your sister...........and love the towels you made with your new toy....

  6. Those dish towels are amazing as are the monkeys! You make really nice things! Fun projects!!


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