Friday, February 15, 2013

Owl Quilt -- Complete!

Last week I finished up a quilt for my younger daughter (Jessica) for Valentine's Day.  Of course, I had to make one for her big sister, too!  You can read this post to see how it started.  Here are some photos of how it finished:

It measures 45" x 58" after washing.

Close-ups of the quilting (photos below taken prior to washing/drying):

All of the owl sections got a wavy FMQ pattern.

The thin column got leaves and the pink part of the owl got a small squiggle.  I used pink thread on the entire quilt, except the black background around the owl.  (I used black for that.)

The pink sections all have flowers.  I need more practice, but this was probably my favorite of all the designs I tried out on this quilt.

Purple sections got scallops.  Well, that's what they were supposed to be, anyway.  Not a fan of this one.... though I might still try it again, taking my time a little more next go-round.

Blue sections got wavy lines.  I was OK with them when I was pushing the fabric away from me, but they don't look as smooth when I was pulling the fabric towards me.

This is my 2nd attempt at squares.  (I'm not even going to show the 1st attempt -- it's that bad!)  Note to self: You will probably never be able to do a straight line with anything other than a walking foot.  Stop trying.  

Final attempt at squares.  I gave up and used my walking foot.  Even then, my lines still aren't straight.  Oh well.... live and learn!

I wrote "Mommy loves Rachel" on this, in the best "handwriting" I could muster on my Singer.

"Mommy loves"


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  1. I love your quilts Kat,you really inspire me to have a go at quilting a few patterns ,instead of just wobbly lines.
    The owl fabric is gorgeous,my granddaughter would like that Im sure.
    Have a good weekend,playing with your new TOY I'll bet lol.
    Laura xxx

  2. What an adorable quilt! You did great quilting on it. So cute!

  3. Whoop whoop!! I think your quilt and quilting are fabulous, Kat! But I know where you're coming from on straight lines - I can't do them with an embroidery foot - or a long arm - either!

    And no, I didn't have a pattern for the messenger bag, I had to make it up as I went along. I couldn't find one I liked that was big enough, yet not too big! The Amy Butler pattern was a nice design, but it was a little large and I don't really like her patterns - they seem to take the difficult way to do everything! So I had to buckle down and write one of my own. (PS You're set as a "no-reply" blogger, so I came here to answer your question!)

  4. Oh Kat.....your quilts for your daughters are made with such love.....I can feel it in the quilts! I love all the different FMQ you are using on them....especially love the flowers and the are getting lots of practice and it shows....


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