Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Owl Applique - WIP

I so often make quilts for other people, very few stay in my own home.  Last fall I made myself a quilt and I decided to make each of my daughters a quilt this year for Valentine's Day.  My maiden name is Valentine, so this holiday is always a big deal in my house!

I have posted about the Hexi-Hearts quilt I've been working on for my younger daughter, Jessica (she's 6).  That one is almost done and I'll be sharing that here on Friday.

I've also started on the quilt for my older daughter, Rachel (she's 9).  My original plan was to use mustache fabric, but I just don't love the idea of my precious baby girl sleep under a mustache.  I ended up going with Plan B, which was owls.  (She loves them.)

My sweet friend Jean (in New Zeland) shared some photos of an owl applique she has made in the past.  I loved the idea and decided to make my own version to match the owl fabric I had purchased.

This was really fun to make.  I started by scanning the fabric, choosing an owl I liked (in the upper left of the photo above) and then printed it out to make a pattern.  I used fabric from my stash, some Heat 'n Bond and some applique stitching to make this little guy (gal?).

Rachel actually did the fabric layout for this quilt, though I don't think she realizes (yet) that it's for her.  She has such an eye for color and knows what she likes, so by letting her do it herself, I know she'll love it.  (That's not at all where I would have put the owl, but it's what she likes, so good enough!)

The back is pieced and the quilt is pin basted, all ready to start some FMQ.  I'm hoping to be brave enough to try some actual FMQ patterns, rather than just the "random, loopy, swirly meander" I usually do.  Not sure I'll get it finished this week, but definitely by Valentine's Day.

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  1. Lovely, Kat, and with Rachel having no idea it is for her, well done!! Yes, I would have had the owl in further, are there borders to go on, great colours going so well together.You are on a roll, here with all this stitching.I gave the FMQ a sad farewell, no tears though, maybe a big sigh of relief, trying to do those patterns was not my idea of having fun!!!Friday's photo, waiting for the next viewing. Greetings from Jean

  2. What a cute quilt and your daughter will be so surprised. She probably wants the owl up close to her...that's what I'd like. Can't wait to see your beautiful quilting. Have a lovely day, my friend, XOXO

  3. It's lovely Kat.great colours,and I love the little

  4. She will love it! And after thinking about it for awhile I agree with Susan....the owl is right in the corner where it can always be seen by the person wrapped up in it!


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