Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Baby Project Updates

I'm back home in Florida now, where 61 degrees feels SO nice!  Last week I would have complained that it was too cold but after spending 4 days in single digit wind chills in New York, it feels glorious!

Since I've been away for 4 days, I only have 1 new WIP... a crib skirt for my sister's nursery, to match the window valances I made for her (and delivered to New York) this past weekend.

Here is the start of the crib skirt.

Here are a few "before" and "after" shots of her nursery (formerly guest room), which we worked very hard on all weekend.  I think it looks amazing!


You can see one of the window valances I made.
I'll be making a crib skirt to match, as well as a quilt for the crib.

AFTER - The Monkey Wall


AFTER - The play corner
Don't you think a play mat / quilt would look great in front of those little cubbies?
The toy box under the window belonged to my sister's husband when he was a little boy.

This is my sister's favorite monkey from "the monkey wall."
He'll be showing up again in some future projects :-).

I think this little guy may make another appearance, too!

My sister does *not* like to have her photo taken, but I had to throw in a picture of the Mommy-To-Be.  You can see that Rupert is very interested in checking out the new crib.

And last but *certainly* not least.... I got to deliver Baby Jacob's Elephant Parade Quilt in person while I was in New York.  He wasn't interested in opening his eyes for this photo, but he sure looks adorable snoozing on his new quilt.

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  1. Kat, a beautiful room for the new baby, and Jacob and his quilt, so lovely.Did you drive, go by train or fly? A huge distance whichever way you went, and I'm sure home is so much warmer.Greetings from Jean

  2. The nursery looks lovely Kat,a great job done. Jocobs a poppet ,looks comfy on his quilt.

  3. The nursery belongs in Architecture Digest! How lucky a little boy Jacob is to have such a talented auntie:-D


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