Friday, February 8, 2013

Hexie Hearts -- Complete!

This quilt will be a Valentine's Day gift for my younger daughter, Jessica.

I made this with 48 lazy hexagons (no papers) using novelty prints from my stash.  There are two of each fabric so it's a combination of "I Spy" and "Matching Game."  Each hexagon is 5.5" tall (top to bottom) and 3.25" down a diagonal side.  After washing, the quilt measures approx 44.5" wide and 55" tall.

Jessica's favorite colors are orange and purple (together.... I know....). I appliqued the hexie heart to an orange print fabric and quilted it with orange thread. Though it hurt me a little to do so, I bound it in (gulp!) purple.

My FMQ is a swirly, loopy, pattern-less meander.

I pieced light orange (from the front) and a darker orange print to make the back.

I just love how quilts crinkle up after a wash and a dry!

I used loops to hold down the edges of the hexies.
(This photo is prior to washing.)

I attempted a flower.  I need more practice :-)

My FMQ handwriting is not great (it's really hard to do on my home machine!) but I wrote "Mommy loves Jessica" in the quiltling.  Can you see it up there?




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  1. Amazing ,it's a real lovely quilt,love the colours, big fan of bright colours.I just happen to believe that purple and orange go well together.
    Jessicawill love it.
    I think you are a talented girl with that FMQ ,I can only do wobbly quilting,it I try anything else ,I usually sew through my nail. lOL.
    Laura xx

  2. This is sew sweet. Thanks for sharing. I wandered in to give a Whoop! Whoop! ... :) Pat

  3. This quilt is super, love the FMQ, the colours your words, a treasure for always, and finished in plenty of time. Well done, where is your gold medal!!! Cheers from Jean

  4. Very nice finish, I especially like the message in the quilting.

  5. Awwwww.......with every little touch of this quilt I just can't stop saying, "Awwwww".......what a sweet sweet quilt........and, hey, there thinks you are getting pretty good at the FMQ too...........

  6. Wow, what a great quilt :) I love the colors!

  7. What a magnificent job of quilting! I love the heart and I know you poured yours into this, Love you, XOXO

  8. Such a lovely quilt, Kat! Your daughter will treasure it forever! Whoop whoop!!


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