Friday, November 9, 2012


There are so many projects I'd like to finish.  In some cases, projects I'd like to start.  I guess we all have a WIP list and there are some great weekly check-ins out there already, like "Make a List Monday" over at Confessions of a Fabric Addict and "W.I.P. Wednesday" over at Freshly Pieced and "Finish it up Friday" over at Crazy Mom Quilts (just to name a few).  If you haven't seen them, go check them out!

My problem is that I don't always have an update on those days and I tend to stress when I have a deadline.  I love a list but hate a deadline.  (Please tell me I'm not the only one??)  I decided to make my own list of "Projects I'd Like to Finish" that I'll update when I can. It might be once a day or once a week or a few times per month.

Some of the items below have due dates, some don't.  Some are just ideas in my head that I'd like to try out if I can get to them.  Cause ya know, the mothering and wife-ing and working outside the home-ing and the training for a half marathon thing sometimes doesn't leave much time for the sewing :-).

  • Make 20 (total) blocks for my "Kat Quilt" --- in progress --- no due date --- my goal is at least 2 blocks per week
  • Make a carrying case for my iPad --- no due date
  • Finish the Phoenix quilt --- no real due date, but before the end of November would be ideal
  • Finish the ice cream cone skinny (x2) --- in time to mail out for a Christmas gift
  • Decide on a plan for more skinnies --- soon!
  • Finish the overly ambitious hexagon quilt --- baby shower is in NY on January 13
  • Make a quilt out of baby clothes --- no real due date, but ideally this would get mailed to NY with the overly ambitious hexagon quilt in time for the January 13 baby shower
  • Accomplish something on The Forever Project
  • Make at least 1 journal cover and decide if this will be the gift I make for my daughters to give their friends for Christmas
  • Make at least 1 zipped pencil pouch (pattern pending) and decide if this will be the gift I make for my daughters to give their friends for Christmas

Do you have a list of projects you'd like to finish?  Whether they're started yet or not, I'd love to see it!

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  1. Oh, sweet friend...sometimes I'm afraid to write down all that I have to do for fear I will be too overwhelmed:-D I tell my friends, "I have so many projects to do that won't get done before the Apocalypse!" But reality is, in the next 20 days, I have to finish everything that will be in the booth I'm at for CHA in January...about 30 projects!

  2. I don't like lists either but I do find that they seem to help....if not to remind me of what I need to get finished, then to show me how productive I have actually been. Thanks for listing the "make a quilt from baby clothes" because I do have clothes from all three of my kids and I think I might incorporate some of them into my Crazy Quilt UFO, I mean my Crazy Quilt


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