Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Kat Quilt - Block 7

I made this next block to represent my two beautiful little girls.  Rachel is 9 and her favorite color is blue.  Jessica is 6 and her favorite color is orange.  I let them pick the fabrics for their own heart and they each chose 1 solid and 1 print.  I was prepared for something incredibly more complicated, but who am I to argue with simplicity?

The front

The back

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  1. Is that your "His" & "Hers" block! What perfect hearts; knowing you, make my heart sing too:-D

  2. Another lovely block.how many is that ,I've lost count.xx

  3. How Sweet.....two sweet hearts for Two Sweetheart daughters!

  4. They're lovely and just right - you are getting so good at these blocks!


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