Friday, November 30, 2012

Kat Quilt - Blocks 17 & 18

Two more blocks to share today.  Only two more to make and then I can start putting together the quilt top. I'm very excited!  Of course, a lot of Christmas projects need to get completed and mailed within the next week so those last two may take a little while, but I'm still really happy with the progress.

This is a tobacco leaf covered in ladybugs.  It reminds me of my grandfather.  If you want to read more about the meaning of this one, you can look on the "Ladybug Hugs" tab at the top of this page. The third section talks about him, his tobacco plants and his ladybugs.

This one is a little quilt, made up with fabrics from some of my most favorite sewing projects.  You can see how many attempts I needed to get this centered properly.  Good thing all those chalk pencil lines will come out in the wash!

~*~ May your day be full of Love and Ladybug Hugs ~*~

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  1. Nearly there! Are you aiming to finish it before Christmas? I can't wait to see the effect when you piece all of the blocks together.

  2. My grandparents raised tobacco after WWII as a cash crop on their similar our backgrounds are. I remember the smell of it drying in their barn. I love that you did the leaf with a ladybug fabric and I love the little quilt. How precious, XOXO

  3. Love them! I just realized that your black background fabric is just like some white one I bought from the FQS awhile back....kind of a tanned leather or ostrich skin or something like that....well anyway, I like it too.......only two blocks left and you probably nearly have those done too! Can't wait to see it put together!


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