Thursday, November 15, 2012

Kat Quilt - Block 8

This block is a thunderbird.  It is the logo of Wakonda Family Campground in Pottersville, NY.  My parents were teachers so they always had lots of time off in the summer but never a lot of money.  Instead of annual trips to Disney World, we took annual camping trips to Wakonda.

Over the years my parents were able to "upgrade" from a week-long stay in an old pop-up trailer to a permanent campsite for the whole summer... progressively going from a used trailer that comfortably slept 3 (we were a family of 5) to now owning their own campsite with a 40'+ trailer, consisting of 2 bedrooms, a full bathroom, kitchen, dining area and living room.  Did I mention the WiFi, cable TV and air conditioning?  Yeah, they're roughing it :-)

I have been to Wakonda every summer since I was 7 years old.  As a teenager, I worked there as a lifeguard (and doing other odd jobs).  This is my very favorite place in the whole wide world and I look forward to taking my girls there every year as well.

Here are a few more photos from Wakonda, taken this year:

This is my favorite view... looking down the steps at Lake Wakonda.  I take this same photo every time we visit.  This one is from July 2012.

Looking out across Lake Wakonda - July 2012

The same view as the first photo, taken on a dreary day after the Ragnar Adirondack - October 2012

The leaves beginning to change across Lake Wakonda - October 2012

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  1. A quilt full of memories; isn't this going to be a wonderful way to wrap yourself in them:-D

  2. Lovely camp area, one more place to add to my " visit list". Hugh and I started with a tarpaulin lean to, then a VERY small tent, then larger, a caravan, a larger one, now back to a tent. Do you have photos of your Mum and Dad's luxury holiday home??it sounds like a dream, and so good they have comfort now.Cheers from Jean

  3. what wonderful memories from Camp Wakonda now will be preserved for you on your Kat Quilt!


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