Sunday, March 2, 2014

Nochella Rose

I mentioned in my last post that I had treated myself to a new sewing machine -- a Husqvarna Viking Eden Rose 250c.  I was so anxious to play with her but I knew there would be a learning curve.  What a change from my old Singer!  I pulled out 3 mini jelly rolls (10 strips each) of Top Drawer's Nochella Droll that I purchased a long time ago "just because" and started sewing strips together on the long sides, mostly just to get the feel of the machine.  I figured even if I didn't like the finished product, I wouldn't be wasting any "good" fabric.

It wasn't until I opened the 3rd roll that I realized it was not the same as the first two.  Two were Nochella Droll Leave and one was Nochella Droll Lace.  Oh well... close enough!  I ended up ordering some yardage for the back and to add a few more strips on the front... and pretty much just sewed until I had something sort of big enough to be called a quilt.

I did a random meander / squiggle with white thread.

It took me a while to figure out the FMQ settings on my machine.  Tension set to 0?  Seriously??  That said.... having the foot sensor, the automatic needle-down setting, feed dog drop switch and larger throat size made for MUCH easier FMQ once I got going.  Now I can focus on my patterns (need lots of work there) rather than wrestling with the quilt and trying not to break the thread.

My apologies to those in the frozen, snowy parts of the country... couldn't help taking a picture of her on the fence near one of the palm trees in my back yard.

I named her Nochella Rose --- Nochella for the fabric and Rose because she's the first quilt on my Eden Rose.  She measures 58"x40" after washing.  This is the first quilt I've ever made "just because" and I'm not sure what I'll do with her yet.  I like the idea of having "spare" quilts to gift or donate when an opportunity arises.  These are not my favorite colors and though it's busy, I still like the way she came together.

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  1. It turned out wonderful! So I take it you like your new machine....:)

  2. A super machine makes quilting a joy, and this is a lovely quilt, having one to gift or donate is a lovely thoughtful way, I have neck warmers , scarves, and microwave pot holders in the box, " just in case". Those pinks and the grey go so well together. And I'm very glad FMQ is a success, when I tried even with my Bernina , found it a huge challenge, and did not master it to any great degree at all. Cheers. Jean.

  3. My machine is in for service and calibrating and I feel lost without it! I have had March's fabric, but can't sew until I get it back. I've been seriously considering buying a new machine--another Bernina with a longer arm and a stitch regulator; but do I dare! Hmmmm, maybe! Your quilt is adorable and I love the colors, XOXO

  4. Your quilt came out great! Thanks for sharing your palm tree--it is still so bitter cold here in the NorthEast, we can't wait for Spring!!!
    Pugs and kisses,

  5. It's a beautiful quilt,bright and cheerful perfect for picnics.Hubby bought me the Husqvarna Tribute last year and I love it.It loves FMQ.But I have to remind myself to put a new needle in for every large project,it's makes all the terrible at only changing the needle if it brakes.
    Have a good week.xx


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