Friday, March 28, 2014

Purple Pizzaz

I finished "embellishing" the purple brick quilt I made for Paula (my mother-in-law's cousin who is turning 70 next month).  It measures 51" x 66" after washing.  I think she's really going to like this :-).

If you read my last post, you saw that this started out as simple purple bricks.... but that wasn't going to be good enough for the fun, free-spirited Paula!

Bright colors and fun prints were pulled from my stash.
Appliqued peace signs, hippy flowers and hearts were added.
Random, meandering FMQ helped to give it (my favorite) the crinkled up look.

Purple leopard print backing and rainbow colored peace signs on the binding helped bring it all together.  Well, I suppose "together" is a relative term :-).  
My 10 year old daughter is in love with this quilt, yet it was made for a 70 year old woman.  I guess it's true what they say --- you're only as old as you feel!

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~ Kat ~


  1. Kat, this is one superbly stunning quilt, and as you say, for all ages. I'm sure the 70 year old spritely lady will fall in love with it too. Pazazz ( is that a real word) with style. Cheers from Jean

  2. Kat, your purple quilt is fabulous. Paula will love it and I think you should make another one for your daughter. I love all the embellishments, especially the animal prints.
    Pugs and kisses,

  3. That is a great quilt. I'm sure she is going to love it.

  4. Kat it's just beautiful,great job.xx

  5. My granddaughter would love this quilt! I've been up to my neck with work, but hopefully, that will be settling down soon and I can finally finish the quilt that Kelly started for her son--you're an inspiration! XOXO


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