Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The Good and the Bad

The last 3 months have been crazy in Kat-land. Lots of good, lots of very bad. I've been sewing (not as much as I'd like) but not been taking a lot of pictures and (obviously) not blogging.

In December, I lost my "adopted" grandmother after a long illness. Growing up, my grandparents lived far away and she lived up the street, so we always considered her our grandma. There's never a good time to lose a loved one but right before Christmas was especially difficult. She was 90 and was sick on and off for several years so this was not a surprise, but it was hard to not be there (in New York) for the funeral.

We did make it to New York for New Year's and had a great (freezing cold and snowy, but great) week with my family (parents, brother, sister, nephew) there. I took a few home-made gifts with me, including this play mat I made for my little nephew, Liam. I didn't take many pictures of the finished quilt, but here is one of Liam enjoying it. It measures 48" x 48".

In late January, my world stopped when I got the call that my dear friend Billy -- who has been my brother's best friend and I've considered another "little" brother for close to 25 years -- was killed in a car accident. Billy was a hulk of a man -- he was 6' 6" tall, weighed 300 pounds and was all heart. He was a police officer, U.S. Navy veteran, and one of my most favorite people in the world. I traveled back to New York for the hardest days of my life -- his funeral services, complete with full police honors. I am still heartbroken and not a day goes by that he is not heavy on my mind.

Billy with each of my daughters and my brother, at their high school senior prom.
This video is called "Final Farewell."  I still cannot watch it without tears or that now-too-familiar "punched in the stomach" feeling.  I know it may seem a little sad to post a video like this on my blog, but it is a true testament to the enormity of our loss.
In between the very bad there was also good. We adopted two guinea pigs. My older daughter earned her orange belt in karate. My younger daughter found a passion for reading. I completed another one of those crazy, 12-person, 200 mile overnight running relay races (from Miami to Key West, Florida). I treated myself to a new sewing machine (a Husqvarna Viking Eden Rose 250c). I saw Billy Joel in concert. Many more "little things" as well, that remind me life is good.

I would really love to get back in the groove of sewing and blogging and maybe (hopefully) I will... but in the meantime, I leave you with some photos of my last 3 months and hope you are all finding time to stop and enjoy the ladybugs.
My girls enjoying the snow in New York at New Year's.
Being Florida girls, snows is a very special treat for them!
Fooplesauce is on the left and Rootbeer is on the right.
(No, I'm not the one who named them)
6 of the 12 members of my running relay team after we crossed the finish line in Key West.
It took us close to 38 hours (straight) to complete this 200 mile race.
The temperature never dropped below 80*F or 76% humidity (even in the middle of the night).
Don't laugh... but I made these Wonder Woman costumes (skirt, arm bands, crowns) for the 11 women on my team.  Our sole man wore a SuperMan shirt.

~*~ May your day be full of Love and Ladybug Hugs ~*~
Thanks for stopping by!
~ Kat ~


  1. Oh, my friend, it is so hard to lose loved ones and knowing we will meet them again someday in heaven and having those others we love close by is the only way we can bear those losses. I, too, have hit a sewing/blogging slump......mostly blogging but I say we should only do those things that we are really feeling joy about and when they become a burden instead of a peaceful experience then we really need to stop and take a breath and change directions for awhile. And, for what it's will always be Wonder Woman to safe, my friend.

  2. Dear Kat, I wish I could come and give you the hugest hug right now, a video, that shows a wonderful tribute to a family man, a special friend and a valued member of both the Police Force and a veteran, not too sad at all, Grieve when you need to, and remember with love those wonderful day together. And you other loss, final days at a much older age , but another much loved lady to lose, very hard, Running again, making the outfits, you are a marvel. Fondest love, take care, hugs galore, Jean.

  3. Kat, so glad to hear from you, I was just about to write you a note. Your absence has been noted! Your blog posts have been missed! So sorry to hear about your losses. Love your wonder woman outfits--you would have to be Wonder Woman to run that relay race! Glad your girls got to enjoy some snow. We are tired of the Polar Vortex here... Romeo, Elvis and LarryPug send a shout out to Fooplesauce and Rootbeer. Pugs and kisses, Nancy

  4. has been a tough few months for you. I am so sorry. I hope that this will be a better year for you.

  5. I've been so concern; checking daily your blog for projects and what you are up to. I'm so, so sorry for your loss. I know that feeling all too well and will not tell you it will ever go away. A beautiful memorial service for a hero to your family and the world. XOXO

  6. You are indeed a nutter, and that is something to be thankful for. Get sewing, sister xx


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