Friday, March 7, 2014


My main WIP right now is a swap gift so I can only share a peek.... It involves HSTs (my nemesis - as evidenced by the far from perfect corners in this photo!), pink, white and some other fun "themes" --- should be able to show the full thing in another week or two. 

Since I can't share the one thing I've actually made progress on, I will share 3 pre-WIPs.  They are ideas, some fabric has been cut and they are in various stages of development, but no sewing has actually happened yet.  Any guesses as to what they will be?  (Hint: None of these are related to each other.)

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  1. Hmmmm....I have no idea, but the colors are all pretty.

  2. They look fine to me, when's the big reveal? Tips for HST's - press seams open, cut fabric half inch larger so that you can square up your HST after you have made it. That way you get a perfect point and it is easy to marry up. Easy peasy ;)

  3. Love the purples, are you making a Grape-Ade quilt like mine? Handprints, my guess is a quilt with all handprints (maybe one of your daughter's classes?). No idea what you are doing with Dr. Seuss books...are you printing the covers onto fabric? Clever Kat!

  4. I love mysteries! And, what I can say for sure, it's going to be amazing! XOXO


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