Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Quilt Display

I've long admired photos of quilts displayed in a home hanging over the rungs of an old ladder and wanted to do something similar. Two problems, though --- I didn't have an old ladder, and most of the quilts I make are gifted, they're no longer hanging around my house.

Lately I've started making some quilts (and bags) just because, so I had a few starting to pile up. (As it turns out, I did have a few hanging around my house in various places, as well.  Who knew??) Last week, I saw an idea on Facebook (wish I could remember the original source to link back, but I can't) about using part of a baby crib to display quilts. Well it just so happens, I have one of those!

This weekend's project was to organize my younger daughter's room. The space under her bed was not usable because our old crib (not used in over 6 years) was in pieces underneath. The back of the crib serves as my daughter's headboard but I always thought that someday if we re-did her room (new furniture), I would donate the crib to Goodwill. Turns out the kind of crib we had (with the front that slides up and down) is no longer considered "safe" in the US, and she's still using the same headboard. So.... she keeps the back for her headboard, I keep the front for my quilts, and everthing in the middle is purged. She has space under her bed for storage, and I have a display rack for my quilts!
Quilts down the middle, a pillowcase on the bottom and some bags on the sides.  The 2 bags on the right and the bottom quilt were stashed in my craft closet since I can't even remember when.  Right now, this is leaning up against the armoire in my bedroom but I plan to move it to a different spot after a room makeover I'll be doing in the next few weeks.
I saw a different post on Facebook that suggested organizing handbags in your closet by attaching them to shower curtain rings on your closet bar.  I bought a 12-pack of clear curtain rings for about $3.00 and Voila!  Bag hangers!
I know I've blogged about the bottom quilt.  Not sure I've shown photos of the top two or the bag on the left.  Maybe one of these days :-).

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  1. Great idea Kat,and looks really good.The shower hooks a good idea too,just bought a new curtain but used the od hooks,put the new pack in the paper in my craft room.Going to fish them out see if the will hold scissors,could ue them on my tool bar.xx

  2. I have a vintage crib in my garage that I want to paint for hanging quilts. I love the look of yours. I like the idea of the hooks too. I may have to add that to mine.

  3. Love your quilt rack made from the crib! And you definitely need to blog about your bags.

  4. Oh what a good idea - I'm fairly sure we have Anna's old cot somewhere in the loft. My dad made me a quilt ladder last year for a craft fair and it really is a lovely way of storing and showing off what you've made. You can never have too much storage. The internet is genius :)


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