Monday, September 8, 2014

Bright on White: Wonky(ish) Stars

while back I challenged myself to use some BRIGHT colors on a quilt with a white background.  I'd seen so many beautiful "bright on white" quilts but it was so far out of my comfort zone that I just hadn't tried it.  I made a few blocks (probably a year ago?) and they waited patiently on my design wall for their friends to be born.
A few weeks ago I decided I needed to do something about my WIPs.  "Bright on White" wasn't necessarily the first thing on my list but when I realized all the squares were already cut, it seemed like the way to go.  Once I got started it didn't take much time to put the rest together.  There are 2 each of 2 different pinks, purples, greens, yellows and blues, for a total of 20 blocks that finish around 12" each.  These are the additional blocks (2 of each shown) I made, to join the 6 already on my design wall.
As with most of my projects, I let my daughters lay out the blocks. I am way too OCD about these things, it usually takes me more time to come up with a "random" block placement than it does to make the blocks. I didn't realize until the quilt was finished that there are 3 blues in a diagonal line... but I think that's still OK.
I added another colorful border, then one last border of white. The binding is a pink floral print. I forgot to measure the finished size, but I'm guessing about 58" x 70".
The backing is pieced from my stash. Most of the fabrics are polka dots, with the exception of the upper left (biggest) green piece. That has tiny colorful swirls on it that mimic polka dots and incorporate all the colors from the front.

I quilted with an all-over, large-scale meander in white thread.  The binding is a small pink floral.
When I started this quilt it was just to challenge myself, I didn't have a recipient in mind.  (That's rare for me, and probably why it took me so long to finish!)  The week I was working on it happened to be the birthday of one of my daughter's best friends.  Rachel (my daughter) declared that Morgan was such a good friend, she deserved more than a gift card for her birthday --- she deserved a quilt.  Can't argue with that!

My daughter wrote the message above and I stitched it onto one of the stars.  Now Morgan will always have a "hand written by Rachel" reminder of how special she is!
I've recently started adding tags to my quilts with care instructions on the back. I make these using Avery business cards and my home computer.
All wrapped up and ready to go!
The beautiful Miss Morgan (left) and my daughter Rachel. I think she liked it!

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  1. Oh Kat....that is gorgeous and it looks like she really enjoyed it. What a special birthday gift!

  2. That's a really lovely gift to give, quilts take such a long time to make and so much of the maker goes in to each one. I hope she really loved it Kat. x

  3. Kat it's really beautiful,a wonderful gift she will treasure.,lucky girl.xx


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