Sunday, November 3, 2013

Halloween Projects

I know that Halloween has already passed, but I wanted to share photos of two costumes I made this year.  We went on a 5 day Disney cruise (for my birthday!!) and we were on the boat for Halloween.  We decided to do a "theme" for our family but didn't want the obvious Mickey, Minnie, etc.  We opted to be characters from Peter Pan.

I was not originally planning to make these, but a few were hard to find.  Peter Pan (me) and Tinkerbell (for my 7-year-old) were easy enough to find, so I just bought those.  (I don't usually make clothes, so wanted to avoid that as much as possible!)  However, I couldn't find anything for Wendy Darling (my 10-year-old) and an adult size Captain Hook (for my husband).  There were lots of Pirates of the Caribbean adult costumes, but no authentic Captain Hook for grown-ups.  Here's what I came up with:

My darling Wendy Darling (Rachel).
I made this costume using a Simplicity nightgown pattern (1575).
I made a few modifications to the bodice so it was lined, left off the collar and added a sash that ties in the back.

Captain Hook's jacket was made with a Simplicity Costume pattern (0209).
I made some modifications to add the gold strip and didn't add all the pattern embellishments.
I used red faux velvet for this, so it was warm!
The pants are from a Simplicity pajama pants pattern (9871) cut short.
The hat --- I can't even describe how I made that, and I could probably never make it again, lol!
The ruffled shirt is just a white t-shirt with some ruffles sewn down the front.
This costume took For.Ev.Er. to make -- but it looked great! 

Here's our whole Neverland crew.

Here I am saving Wendy and Tinkerbell from the evil Captain Hook.
I just love my girls' expressions in this one!

And, just because I can, here's one more family photo from the cruise.  We were dressed up for their "Pirates of the Caribbean" night, which was the night before Halloween.

And one more just to prove that costumes are not always required (but I did make our shirts and the 2 skirts my girls are wearing):

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  1. Fabulous pictures.You're a very clever girl,all those costumes and they all look great.Looks like you had a wonderful time.xx

  2. Yes, thanks so much for sharing your cruise with us! I love the costumes.....that used to be one of the most fun things I used to looks like you all had a wonderful time.....your family is so lucky to have such a talented Mommie!

  3. It looks like you had an amazing time on your cruise. You did a fabulous job on the costumes and I love the girl's expressions too.


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