Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Hexie Heart Quilt Update

First things first.... last week I was able to deliver (in person) the Phoenix Quilt to my friend Phoenix, in the city of Phoenix.  She loved it so much that we got wrapped up in looking at it and talking about it and this is the only photo I took.  Whoops!

While I was in Phoenix, I made my first trip to Hobby Lobby!!  We don't have any near me so this was a special treat.  After spending close to 2 hours in the store (helping my friend pick fabric), I was quite surprised to get out of there without having to refinance my house.  To be fair, I probably could have spent my kids' entire college fund pretty easily (there is SO.  MUCH.  STUFF. in there!) but alas, I had a weight limit to keep in mind for my flight back home 

"Dot" traveled with me and I have photos of her all over Phoenix, on the plane, at the office, etc.  My kids love seeing these photos (I text them to my husband while I'm away) and when I get home, I always write them a story (with photos) about Dot's trip.

When I got back home, I was able to finish assembling my hexagon heart and got it basted together, ready for quilting.  This will be a Valentine's Day gift for my 6-year-old (Jessica).  She has seen me working on it and I know she loves it, but she doesn't know (yet) that it's for her.  I think she will be very happy!

I'll also be making a quilt for my 9-year-old (Rachel).  She is strangely obsessed with mustaches these days. I ordered this fabric to make her a mustache quilt like this one or this one, but I was disappointed that it is actually "natural white" and not "snow white."  (I bought it on eBay and it just said "white."  Apparently, this is as white as it comes.)  It's certainly not the end of the world, but it just wasn't what was in my head so I'm rethinking this being the focus fabric of the quilt.

While I was at Hobby Lobby, I found this cute owl fabric, which may replace the mustaches in my quilt plan for Rachel.  (She loves owls, too.)  I'm still undecided but I think I'll have a lot of great (and fun) color options with these little guys.

I'll leave you with one more photo, this is Phoenix and me (and Dot) after a fun night of bar/restaurant hopping at the hotel where I was staying.  Not well lit, I know.... but still one of my favorite photos from my trip.

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  1. A wonderful gift for your friend and I can't wait to see the hexi-heart finished! I wish I was quilting right now, but still reeling with work with this new launch...maybe March. Hugs to you, dear friend, XOXO

  2. I must admit, I like the owls best!!! Great to have a trip away, visit a goodies shop, and meet your friend for some special time together. Cheers, Jean.p.s. I have the most wonderful owl applique, will email you a photo, and can email the pattern if you would like it too!!

  3. Hi, I seem to have lost your email address, can you please forward it to me? Goodness knows where it went? Cheers, Jean.

  4. Well it looks like you and Phoenix had a great time in Phoenix! I, for one, like the off-white better than white-white....and even if you had found white-white it wouldn't be long before it turned into off-white! lol.....don't mind me today.....I am starting out a little slow.....The hexie heart quilt is going to be lovely!


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