Friday, January 11, 2013

Half My Heart

No progress at all this week on the back for my Phoenix quilt, but I did finish making the lazy hexagons and I let my older daughter lay them out for me.  I always second-guess myself when I try to do a "random but not clumped" layout but for some reason when I let her do it, I'm always happy to just use whatever she comes up with.

Here's her layout.  There are 2 of each fabric, so this will be an I Spy quilt and a matching game at the same time.  (These photos don't look so dark on my iPad.... strange....)

I've got a little more than half of them stitched together, just 3 more columns to go.

I bought the fabric this will be appliqued onto.  It will be bigger in width than length if I keep the heart upright like this, so I think I'll add my younger daughter's name underneath it, using the same "ragged edge underneath applique" style (or whatever it's called) from my Angels with Flashlights quilt.

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  1. Hexies!! Oh for more time. I'm planning on having a hexie fest when we go to France this summer, I can take fabric and paper with me and that sorts out my balmy French evenings! (Rock n' roll!)

  2. Your daughter has a good eye for laying out the hexies!

  3. I've made these before when I did a "Grandma's Garden" quilt...I know the challenges and this is just stunning! My eye went right to the ladybug fabric hexi, XOXO


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