Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Caught Between a Rock and a Hard Place

My thumb, that is.

While wearing wet, muddy plastic flip flops.... carrying a 10 pound brick.... balancing on 1 foot while standing in gravel.... trying to open a gate with my other foot.... I lost my balance.  Hard to believe, I know!  ;-)

As I was toppling over, all I could think about was not dropping the brick on my foot.  I was not thinking about how much nerve damage could be done to my thumb when the full, falling weight of my body slammed the brick into my thumb as I crashed into the side of my neighbor's (brick and stucco) house. 

So.... the rotary cutter can not  be used to cut pieces for the backing of my Kat Quilt.  I can barely button my jeans, let alone use a blade.  I'm disappointed the backing will have to wait a bit but the good news is that the top is done and I'll be sharing that on Whoop Whoop Friday.  The other good news is that the tape around my splint is purple.  That somehow makes it better :-).

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  1. Juggling with house bricks while standing on one leg mmmmm,I shouldn't be laughing I know,but in my minds eye it's sort of a bit funny.....
    Poor you though,made a mess of your thumb ,hope it Dosnt take too long to mend .
    Laura xx

  2. I am trying not to laugh!!! Maybe the good part is that the quilt top is done..Purple, my favourite, well one of my favourite colours.Take care of the fingers now. Cheers from Jean

  3. First of all, what a great manicure:-D I'm so sorry you hurt your thumb and hope you mend quickly. I know this time unexpected accidents are not a welcome sight. Thinking of you, XOXO


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