Friday, December 21, 2012

Angels with Flashlights

It feels like this quilt has taken forever and no time at all, all at the same time.  Though this quilt started from a very dark place, I couldn't be happier with this finish.  It represents all the wonderful things in my life and the beauty that lies beneath even the most tattered of edges.  Light shining through darkness, like angels with flashlights.

There are plenty of imperfections in this quilt but I don't care.... each and every one of them was a part of the process and they serve as a reminder that nothing in life is perfect, but that doesn't mean life is not beautiful.

This post talks about the significance of each once.

The quilt 58 x 70 after washing. I FMQ'd with black in all the black spaces and on the colored spots, I used a coordinating color thread on top and pink in the bobbin.

Even though my squiggles and loops aren't perfect, I still love how the back looks.

Wishing you all love, health, happiness, fun and ladybug hugs this holiday season and always.

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~ Kat ~


  1. Kat your quilt is wonderful,Ive watched it from the start and love it.
    It's full of love and memories ,well
    Hope you and your family have a lovely Christmas and New Year.xx

  2. This is a special quilt, and the execution is really very neat. I love the fabrics coming through the cut-outs of the black. Very nicely done.

  3. A special quilt, made for yourself, with so many memories and meanings in each block. Truly lovely. Sorry to say, mine is on next year's list... never mind, other events intervened, and needed priority time.Christmas Greetings from Jean

  4. At last! That is a truly beautiful quilt Kat, and with such a poignant meaning for you - I really hope that it has given you some peace, and the time to focus on all the amazing things in life. Also, excellent quilting my American friend!!

  5. Dearest Kat, This is just amazing...just like you. Sorry I've been MIA; it's been a hard holiday to get through with not only missing Kelly, but the tragedy in Newtown. On top of it, I've got a head cold and feel crummy. Still, I have work to do and trying to enjoy my grandson's visit. Love you and I'm so happy you are in my life, XOXO


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