Friday, September 28, 2012

Out of Office today

I am currently out of the office, running 25.6 miles up a mountain.  Jealous?  Yeah, didn't think so....

I actually do have a few sewing finishes to share, but they'll need to wait until I get back (assuming I survive this race)!  

12 women ~ 2 vans ~ 2 days ~ 1 night ~ 196 miles ~ 34 consecutive hours

Friday around 7:00 am, I'll run 6.2 miles - relatively flat, but in 35 degree temperatures, next to a lake (read: really super cold for a South Florida girl!).

Friday around 6:30 pm, I'll run 7.8 miles - only the last mile is straight uphill.

Friday around 9:15 pm, I'll run 5.9 miles up (and then down) that lovely slope circled in red, above.  (This 5.9 miles is only 1 hour after I finish the 7.8 miles.  Yeah, I'm nuts!)

Saturday around 5:15 am, I'll tackle my last 5.7 miles.  OK, "tackle" may be the wrong word... but I'll finish them!

Total of 25.6 miles in under 24 hours.  It's not a marathon, but it comes darn close!  If this doesn't break my marathon fever, I'm not sure what will.... 

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~ Kat ~


  1. I hope all went well in the run, Kat...are you back home??

  2. How did it go...hopefully well:) That is some run, crazy lady!


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