Friday, July 6, 2012

A Finish and a Winner

Last week I posted about a pattern I had tested for Amanda called "Don't Touch Me."  Amanda generously offered 1 copy of her pattern to be given away here on my blog.  I received 23 entries and selected comment #16 as the winner.

Congratulations to Leo on being commenter #16!  I have sent you an email and once you confirm I've got the right address, I'll email that pattern right over to you!

This week I also finished (and mailed!) a colorful quilt I made for my son's friend, Austin.

I shared some WIP pictures a little while back, and mentioned that at the age of only 3, Austin was in the hospital for his 14th surgery.  The poor little guy had a rough time with this one.  He was in the hospital well over a week and had to make some return ER trips.  I'm hoping this quilt reaches him today and that the bright colors and simple shapes will put a big smile on his face.

I made some wonky 9-patch blocks with 3 fabrics each.  I made it up as I went along and was going to do a little tutorial, but then I realized how many of those there are online already, so you probably don't really need another one :-).

For the quilting, I wanted wanted to do something fun, so I did 3 wavy lines through all the red sashing strips, then used a zig-zag around each center 9-patch box, then through the middles (more or less) of the outer boxes.

I tried out some "UnRuly Letters" for his name, though I realize I need to be a bit more "unruly" next time.  These look like they were made to match but aren't quite right.... Next time I definitely want a more "no two are alike and that's the way it's supposed to be" look.

I quilted diagonal lines through the "Austin" section of the quilt, but I didn't use tape or any guides, I just winged it.  Here are a few closer-ups of the quilting:

Question for my quilter friends who do FMQ on a home machine:
My original plan had been to FMQ this.  I've FMQ'd a few quilts and though I know I have a lot to learn, I thought I had the basics down.  I ran into a problem, though, when I tried to do this one.  The first few stitches were OK, then I got a few really long (jumped?) stitches, where it seemed like the top and bottom threads just weren't catching... then a few more good ones, then some more jumps.  That happened even when I was going in a straight line without trying to do any curves.  When I put on my walking foot and stitched with the exact same settings (only change was the foot), it was perfectly fine.  Anyone know why this might be happening or how I could attempt to correct it?  Any and all advice is appreciated!

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  1. Love how colorful that quilt is and I bet it's new owner will love it too. I couldn't help but notice that cute ladybug fabric and thinking I better get the rest of my fabrics together for my quilt. Have a wonderful weekend, dearest friend, XOXO

  2. Austin should love that colorful quilt. It is such a personal quilt!

  3. Hello,

    Austin will love the quilt,congrats to Leo on the pattern win.

    Happy days.

  4. now that I'm finished with my happy dance ... Thanks for hosting the giveaway!
    I like the Ladybugs - I'm sorry I can't really help you on the FMQ problem, I'm hunting for an FMQ foot for my (very) old machine, hope you can solve your problem.

  5. congratulations to the "sour grapes" comment would be that it's a good thing I didn't win it because that would be one more project to hang on my bulletin board of "wanna makes"...LOL........I really love Austin's quilt and I think he will too.......the front is perfect for a little boy and the back is just as wonderful...I love the quilting you goes with the whole "geometric shapes" theme of the quilt.....and I'm drawing a blank also with the FMQ problem....was your stitch length the same both times?

  6. Must remember the zigzags....that was a clever idea.....

    No help on the FMQ...wish I could.

  7. Such a cute quilt! That should cheer little Austin up!! Whoop whoop!!

    And on the FMQ, my rule of thumb if I get skipping stitches is to change the needle. Sometimes a fresh needle makes all the difference! If that fails, be sure your bobbin thread is going the right direction (mine rolls clockwise), and rethread your machine. Also check the manual for your machine and see if it says to set the stitch length to zero - mine does and it sometimes behaves differently if I forget to do that.

    Hope that helps!

  8. It sounds like the needle you're using - when I start to get missed stitches that's always my first guess. Otherwise try playing about with your thread tensions - but thinking about it I'm still thinking needle. I use a Schmetz quilting needle 75/11, they seem to stay sharp for ages - it was one of those that I successfully quilted my finger with a while back! Anyway, I think Austin's quilt looks fabulous just the way it is.

  9. I love all the fun details in the quilt - it's sure to be an encouragement to Austin AND his parents ... such a thoughtful gift!


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