Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Crazy!! Hexagon Baby Quilt - Part 2

When I first posted about my plan for this quilt, I called it ambitious.  At that time, I had planned for it to be made up of 371 hexagons -- 1" each.

Then I went on a fabric rampage and decided the background should be green and purple, not just green.  I had to revise the pattern a bit to accommodate the two colors.  I also decided that 7 of those flowers would have dark pink outsides (light pink centers) and 6 would have the coloring shown in the photo below.  

Somewhere in this whole convoluted process, my 371 hexagon pattern became 451.  I've upgraded this from "ambitious" to just plain "CRAZY!!!"

On Saturday I leave for a 3+ week trip to Upstate New York to visit my family.  Unfortunately, my sewing machine will not be making the trip.  I wanted to make sure I had a project to keep me busy.... though I think I might need a 3 year trip to finish all of these.

I couldn't resist making a few flowers, just to see how they'll look.  This quilt will have 6 of the light (above) and 7 of the dark (below).

There are 7 or 8 different purple fabrics in varying shades.  All the greens are the same.  I have a feeling I'll rethink that later, but greens are so hard to match that I couldn't come up with a combination I liked (for the greens).  I'm going to make all the pinks and purples first and then see how I'm feeling about making all the greens from a single fabric.

I'm not sure how I'll end up attaching so many hexies together.  I am thinking I'll break the quilt into 12 or so "sections" and attach them all at the end.  I'm also not sure if I need to baste them to another piece of fabric (that you'll never see) or if I can put the big sheet of hexies right onto the batting.  I (clearly) have plenty of time to figure that out, but if anyone has advice, I'd love to hear it.

What's the craziest project you've ever decided to do?  How did it turn out?

Here's my revised pattern which shows the darker colored flowers.  (The photo at the top of this post still shows them all as light colored flowers.)


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  1. This is going to be so cute! An heirloom!

  2. This is a very intense quilt to make, but what a great project. Have a wonderful trip and I hope the weather isn't too bad while you're there. I have friends in New York and Connecticut who say it's been pretty wicked--stay cool and safe travels, XOXO

  3. It's going to be a beauty,and well worth all the work.
    Laura x

  4. Hello Kat,

    Such pretty fabrics, have fun with it.

    Happy days.

  5. Hi - I really like this design - amazing how a few changes from the original can realy liven up a quilt. I just basted my hexie quilt and I spray basted it right to the batting and backing - no inner lining fabric needed. Have fun in Upstate NY. I live in Western NY but will be camping in the adirondacks next weekend.
    (Blogger is acting funny so I'm not sure it will say this is Sarah. ballinger @ usa.com)

  6. What a great long-term project. I'm looking forward to seeing your WIP on this quilt!

  7. Oh I like! That's it, I'm starting a hexie project while I'm off over the next two weeks.

  8. I know you are away at the moment, but I hope you pick up these comments on your return.
    I just wanted to thank you for the inspiration you have provided. I have never done a hexagon quilt before. Like you, I am about to go away for an exteded period and cannot take my sewing machine - its like having my right arm cut off. So ....

    Having read your preparations for your trip, I googled how to make a hexagon quilt, and decided to have a go. I am now hooked! All my blue and yellow scraps (plus a few whole FQ's) are coming away with me, to be transformed into a lovely lap quilt before my return.

    I don't have a blog, so I can't show any photos, but please be assured that by the time I come home I too will have a completely handmade hexie quilt to my name.

    Thanks for a great blog and for the kick start on hexies!

    Julie B in the UK


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