Friday, June 15, 2012

Good things in small packages

Thankfully, this was a much better week for me at work and I managed to make some really good progress on a quilt I am pattern testing for another blogger.  I finished both the top and the back and have it pin basted.  I can't show you much (yet), but here's a little peek.  I'm looking forward to getting this quilted and bound and being able to show you the whole thing!

Since it's Whoop! Whoop! Friday, though, I did want to show you my biggest celebration of the week.... my "baby" girl turned 6 on Monday.  This is my all-time, hands down, most favorite picture ever taken in the whole entire history of the world:

This picture was taken the very first time my older daughter (Rachel) met her baby sister (Jessica).  See that look of love on her face?  Man, I just melt when I see this and I never get tired of looking at it!  

Here's my little one now, at 6 years old.  She weighs in at a whopping 39 pounds and at age 6, still has a size 3T waist.  We spent months 9-12 of her life putting her through a zillion tests because she was losing weight.  We fed her fudge and cream cheese and every other thing we could think of to make her gain weight.  After all the trying and all the testing, the doctors agreed there's nothing "wrong" with her, she's just little.  Don't let her fool you, though... there's a BIG personality in there!

She was playing outside and her hair is a mess, but that's how she likes it best!

Jessica's birthday party is on Saturday, at our house.  She requested a petting zoo and "pony back rides," and there is a local family that provides such activities.  They'll bring it all to our house -- a pony, baby cow, chickens, baby goat, rabbits -- and we'll set up our bounce house, too.  Amazing how what started out as "family and a few friends" is now a confirmed guest list close to 50 people.... but the more the merrier, right?

I know kids can get impatient while waiting their turn in line for a pony ride, so I made up a few farm-themed bean bags (with stash fabric, of course!) so they can play a bean bag toss game while they wait.

The bean bags are actually filled with uncooked rice, not beans.  They measure 4" square.  After the party, I will probably use them as boo-boo bags.  (Did you know that frozen rice and frozen un-popped popcorn kernels make great ice packs?  They don't melt and they can be reused over and over again.)

Looking forward to seeing what you've been up to this week!

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  1. Beautiful daughters you have.Hope the party goes well for Jessica.Xxx

  2. Will ya look at that precision in those HSTs - wow!! Oh goodness gracious, both of those pictures are just sweet as can be. My oldest daughter was like then when she was small, she at like a horse but didn't gain weight. Skinniest legs ya ever saw. She's 32 now, still has the skinniest legs ya ever saw. Still eats like a horse and has never been over 115 lbs. It's just her, and she's just great. Just like your little one. Happy birthday :)

  3. This is a terrific idea- I love the toss game!

  4. I was so excited to see the preview!! It was such a fun surprise!

  5. Hope your daughter had a great birthday party! That is a sweet photo. I did not know rice and popcorn made good boo-boo bags. I still need 'em at my age!

  6. So precious! I have a 7 year old with a 3T (or less) waist - some of her clothes are probably going straight to the baby despite the 6 year age gap! And those bean bags are a great idea!


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