Monday, June 1, 2015

Simple baby quilt for Miss Ezri

This simple quilt was Made with Love and Ladybug Hugs for Miss Ezri, the 2nd daughter of my sweet friend Rachel. 
She was born in mid May and though I knew for several months she was on the way (and a girl), I wanted to wait until I knew her name (a secret until her birth day!) so I could add it onto the quilt.
I used this tutorial, which only requires 6 fat quarters (I used scrap yardage) plus backing and binding. The quilt was done within a few hours --- it took longer to quilt than to assemble.
After assembling this, I regretted choosing the white fabric, so decided to make a buttefly for the large white square. I think it will be fun to play with once Ezri is old enough for tummy time.
The back is Kona pink and I used my walking foot to quilt straight(ish), parallel(ish) diagonal lines across the entire quilt, except for the body of the butterfly and over her name.
After shrinkage from washing, it measures 32"x40". It's small, but I think this is a great size not only for the crib, but also for a toddler to carry around as she grows. I love personalizing quilts for children with their name (especially when it's so unique and probably more difficult to find on store-bought items).

I will definitely use this pattern again, and it would be easily adaptable to a bigger size.  The 6 fat quarters create 6 total rectangular blocks, so easy enough to adjust if you wanted something larger.  This pattern is a great way to showcase large-scale prints, or to use plain fabrics and let your quilting shine.

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