Friday, July 5, 2013


Last month, I joined my first ever swap.  So exciting!  This group has been together for almost a year and they swap mug rugs every other month.  They had an odd number of people so my sweet friend Ida asked me if I'd be interested.  Um, yes!!!

While I was away in New York, my package arrived (early) from Ida.  It took all I had not to open it right away, because I wanted to finish hers before I opened mine.  Hers went in the mail this morning so I finally allowed myself to open the one she sent.


Aren't these fabrics beautiful?  I just love the colors and the ric-rac on the bottom corner.  She's a wiz with her ME (machine embroidery), don't you think??  She even added a heart (my maiden name is Valentine), my blog name and best of all --- ladybugs!!!  There's not a snowball's chance in Florida that a mug will ever sit on this rug, it's just too pretty!

She even signed it for me on the back, which I love.  Ida is the reason I own an embroidery machine, and I will always love to hate her (hate to love her?) for that, haha!

Below is a sneak peak of the mug rug I made for Ida.  I don't want to show the whole thing yet, but she should get it early next week so then I'll show the rest.  Though we obviously used different fabrics, I was amazed at how many similarities there were between them.  It's almost like someone gave us guidelines and we put our own twist on them... but really, the only guideline was "make a mug rug."  I suppose great minds just think alike :-)

The one I made (above) was completed (except for the binding) while I was in New York.  I didn't have a sewing machine, rotary cutter, mat or even a quilting ruler.... all I had was a FQ bundle, my hexie / hand sewing kit and some pieces of craft felt.  The one I made for her was done entirely by hand, except sewing the binding on, which I did when I get home.  I hope she likes it!

Many more updates but one thing at a time.... I still have 7 loads of laundry to do from our trip, and I've been home 5 days already!

~*~ May your day be full of Love and Ladybug Hugs ~*~

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~ Kat ~


  1. Well I love it already! And I think I can see a ladybug there! I am so fortunate to get a hand sewn project! Can't wait to see it "in person"😋

  2. Wow! I made a quilt by hand years ago and a 9-patch bear claw took me almost a year to complete it. You're amazing, XOXO

  3. That is one sweet little mug rug with so much thought into every detail! The peeking ladybug and your hand stitching are absolutely adorable!
    Thanks so much for your kind words on my blog. So nice to know that you enjoyed the visit :)


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