Saturday, June 1, 2013

Summer Song quilt for Allie

Want to know the best way to make it rain in South Florida?  Let me finish a quilt and want to take some photos of it outside.  Works every time!  We're on day 487 of rain and gloom here.  OK, maybe only 5.... but still a lot when you really want an outdoor shot!   The grass was finally dry enough this morning to take a few photos, but of course, the sun went behind the clouds quickly as soon as I got outside.  My husband is now racing to mow the insanely high lawn before the rain begins yet again.

I found this fabric at Tuesday Morning.  I don't typically make such colorful, busy quilts, but something about these FQ bundles called out to me.  I'm really glad I listened, I think it's wonderful!  I see more color and more "busy-ness" in my quilting future!  The fabric is a Riley Blake design called "Summer Song."  The 2 FQ bundles were similar but one was in the orange scheme and the other in pink.

The quilt is for my younger daughter's BFF (Allie), who is moving far away to Minnesota next week, the day after school ends.  I am so sad for my daughter.  When she was 3, her BFF moved to Israel.  When she was 4, her new BFF moved to northern Florida.  Now, almost age 7, her BFF for the past 2 years is moving to Minnesota.  We wanted to send her away with a really special gift that she could keep forever.

I made a small pillow to match and quilted it all with my go-to "meandering squiggly stuff" in a bright pink color.  It measures 40" x 60" after washing.

I used a bright, striped binding (which also came in the FQ bundle).  This quilt used a total of 12 FQs for the front and about 1.5 more for the binding.  I think I'm in love!

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  1. It's glorious ,I love bright,and this one is just lovely.What a fabulous gift.xx

  2. Hi Kat, this reminds me a little of the one Kelly cut out before she passed away for Ari. I'm finishing up the last rows and have decided on the borders, which she didn't cut out (or even buy for). Consequently, I found a ladybug fabric in the blues, rust, browns and gold that she chose...what are the odds! I want to get it finished for his birthday (June 27th)--fingers crossed, I will. I love the colors for Allie's quilt and I know she'll treasure it always, XOXO

  3. It is such a wonderful sending off gift. She will cherish it and be constantly reminded of her BFF.

    Welcome to our swap group. It's so nice to have you joining us.

  4. what a sweet quilt! So girly girly! You are being so productive....sounds like maybe you have finally gotten to stay home from the traveling for a little while?


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