Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Huggy Star Quilt

One of my dearest friends, Brenda, gave me a piece of fabric last July and asked me to "make her something nice" with it.  She has a thing for stars like I have a thing for ladybugs.  She had purchased the fabric a while ago then didn't know what to do with it.  My goal was to make her a Christmas (2011) gift with it but alas, I ran out of time.

This "huggy quilt" measures 27" wide x 58" long.  It's made to be a wrap (vs. a full quilt) so that she can wrap herself in a hug whenever she needs one.

The pattern was very simple, as you can see.  I used 5 different ivory / oatmeal tone-on-tone prints from my stash for the squares, and added in some light blue rectangles.  I used Brenda's dark blue star print fabric for the appliqued stars, backing and binding.

I didn't realize how not-so-great these pictures were until just now and alas, the quilt is already in the mail so retakes aren't possible.  I'm sure you'll get the idea!

Couldn't resist taking this photo in our awesome South Florida sunshine with a palm tree and puffy white clouds!

This is the embroidered quilt tag I made a few weeks back (post / tutorial here) but alas, I didn't take a photo of it on the quilt.  *sigh*  I have to get better at this picture taking stuff!

~*~ May your day be full of Love and Ladybug Hugs ~*~


  1. I love stars and this quilt is beautiful. Very much a "huggy quilt".

  2. What a beautiful comfort quilt! And I love your display on the hammock and of course showing off your Florida sky. Amazing how compared to here in California it can be so similar yet so different. Love the palm trees wherever they are though! Anyway, I'm sure your friend will love wrapping up in the stars!

  3. Beautiful quilt. And seriously I LOVE the idea of a wrap! I see them out of other materials and never thought to make the jump to quilts. So creative!!

    1. Sue - My mom's church (she lives in NY) has a prayer shawl ministry and she knits for them. I don't knit but I loved the idea and decided to apply the same idea to what I can do -- quilt! The first one I made was about 2 years ago, for a sweet family friend who was only 19 but was having a (benign) brain tumor removed. My daughters adore her and before I quilted it, I had them "blow kisses" between the layers so there would always be kisses for her inside. When it was done, they gave it lots of hugs, too, so she'd have one whenever she wrapped it around herself. She took it with her to the hospital and her family wrapped it around her every day. Amazingly, she was back home 4 days later, even though the doctors told her in advance she might be in ICU for 2 months after the surgery. She tells my girls that their "hugs and kisses" made all the difference ;-)

      Since then I've made several of these. They go together pretty quickly and always seem to be a big hit. You can use pretty much any pattern, just arrange the blocks to be a longer, skinnier rectangle.

  4. What a special gift for your friend. I love the idea of a wrap - it is perfect for those cool mornings. It is beautiful!


  5. Just popping in from over at crazy mom quilts finish it Friday. I love your quilt/wrap. The stars are great.

  6. Love your stars and find the idea of a quilt wrap intriguing. Good work.

  7. Haha. I had just stopped by again after you posted on my blog and loved these stars. Then I noticed that I had just posted a few weeks ago too. Guess I really like the quilt!


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